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Weds, Nov 11 to Fri Nov 13
8 AM-5PM PT (11AM-8PM ET)
Why Attend?
Because you want to assert your needs and desires
Because you want to know yourself completely
Because you deserve to be paid for your lifetime of wisdom and expertise.
Because you deserve more money and it's time for you to step into your power
Because you want 12.75 CFRE Credits!
For nonprofit leaders, fundraising professionals, and entrepreneurs
My story: 

Here's how it feels right now. I have so much love for this sector, and so much vision.

But looking at other online conferences, I am so done with the same voices, feeling stale and stagnant.

I want to try something different.

Please join me us at the New Power Fundraising Conference. You'll hear fresh voices, new perspectives on successful fundraising during quarantimes, and claiming your power.

Selected Speakers





Each day will leave lots of time in between sessions for rest, networking with fellow attendees, chat, questions and answers, and community building.

If you attend the whole conference, you can get 12.75 CFRE credits too! 

Wednesday, November 11
Thursday, November 12
Friday, November 13

Day 1: 

Assert Your Power

Session 1:  Morning Keynote No Ways Tired -Kishshana Palmer

Session 2:  Our sector is not fit for purpose: Understanding power, Seeking Accountability, and Organising for Change-Saba Shafi
Session 3: Secrets of Your Design- How to tap into your unique gifts - Mazarine Treyz
Session 4: The Gift of the Shadow and Stepping Into Your Power -Natalya Kolosowsky
Session 5: The Good Grief -Kierra Taplin

Day 2:

Bring In More Money

Session 1: Building a dedicated online community with HEART - Kishshana Palmer

Session 2: How to use social media trends in Fundraising NOW - Naira Bonilla
Session 3: Fundraising is not the F word: Closing major gifts in a pandemic -Christal M. Cherry
Session 4:  How to Get Started with Fundraising on Twitch - Vanessa Brasfield
Session 5: Building a multiple 6-figure business during the pandemic: Going from In-Person to Virtual FAST -Elaine Lou

Day 3:

Uplevel Your Career + Life

Session 1: Keynote: Conscious Public Speaking -Marian Bacol-Uba

Session 2: Black Women's Experiences in Fundraising - Nneka Allen & Panel

Session 3: How to Bounce Back (and do 2 people's jobs at once!) -Melissa Watkins

Session 4: How to become executive director - Rachel Wyley

Session 5:  Tame the Chaos with Succession Planning -  Gloria Coleman 
Day 1
Assert Your Power/ Flip the Script
Wednesday, November 11
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Session 1: KEYNOTE
Kishshana Palmer

No Ways Tired:  The Case for Rest, Resilience and Resistance when the journey is long 08:00am PT-9:00am PT (11:00am ET - 12:00pm ET)
Sis, are you tired yet?

It seems like everytime you try to put down the weight of the world, there’s another bag to pick up again.

You resist rest, champion resilience in the face of pain and jump in to the resistance to fight the good fight. What you don’t do is center your care until your mind, body and soul are ill.

So In this talk, Kishshana explores what happens when you prioritize YOU and not the world around you.
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Session 2:
Saba Shafi 

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Our sector is not fit for purpose: Understanding power, Seeking Accountability, and Organising for Change
9:00am PT-10:15am PT (12:00pm ET - 01:15pm ET)

The charity sector has provided so much aid and support, but the dial rarely shifts. Something isn't working. It's time to move beyond incremental changes - another study, a new way of measuring impact, of community building. Our sector is not fit for purpose. Join me for a provocation on power in our sector and a conversation on how we hold ourselves accountable to ending the injustices we see in the world.

- A reminder of the roots of our sector: it's history and current structures
- Where the power lies in the sector and how that manifests in our behaviours
- What it takes to do things differently and how we take the first step
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Session 3:
Mazarine Treyz

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Human Design- Using tools for self mastery to overcome the fear of fundraising during a crisis.
11:30 am -12:45 pm PT (2:30 pm ET - 3:45 pm ET)

Do you know your unique zone of genius? Join us to learn how your hidden traits can help you succeed in fundraising and in leadership. 

Using the Human Design system and the Gene Keys, we'll discover: 
1.)  Your core strategy and the 5 types in leadership
2.)  How you can know you're using your true gifts with your Gene Keys pearl sequence
3.)  How to find the gifts hidden in your shadows- and the highest expression of those gifts!

More involved and mystical than Myers Briggs, a nice complement to the Strengthsfinder system, come and learn more about you! Get your chart beforehand and come ready with questions for this unique system.
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Session 4:
Natalya Kolosowsky
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When the Going gets Weird, the Weird get Going: 1:30pm PT - 2:45pm PT (4:30pm ET - 5:45pm ET)

Creativity is the key to navigating the unknown from a place of empowerment -- it is how we re-envision systems and dream more equitable, just worlds into being. 

As this year spins us into greater and greater uncertainty, how do we carve out space to play and innovate in the face of fear, rage and despair? How do we tap into the wonderfully weird, mischievous aspects or ourselves and harness them as powerful allies in the midst of chaos?

In this session, we will:

  • Break down the concept of “creativity” and why play is one of the most powerful forms of resilience

  • Cover simple strategies for getting grounded and moving through paralysis

  • Discuss tools and structures that support creative problem-solving for groups and individuals

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Session 5:
Kierra Taplin
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The Goodness of Grief
3:00pm PT - 4:15pm PT (6:00pm ET - 7:15pm ET)

During the conference, Kierra will teach us how to find goodness in grief.

Grief is not reserved for mourning the loss of life. We experience grief after the loss of love, relationships, careers, hopes, and dreams.

Challenges during the pandemic have heightened our grief and triggered past traumas.

With the proper tools, we can name our grief, embrace our experience, and develop healthy ways to move forward.
Day 2
Bring in more money 
Thursday, November 12
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Session 1:
Kishshana Palmer

Building a Dedicated Online Community with Heart
08:00-9:00am PT (11:00am-12:00pm ET)

As the world continues to spin and we retreat back into our homes, our need for community grows.

But what does it take to grow an online community with heart?

Learn from Kishshana as she walks us through  the launch of the wildly successful Rooted Collaborative, a global community for black and brown women in the social sector and how it almost didn’t happen.  

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Session 2:
Naira Bonilla
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How to use social media trends in fundraising NOW
9:00-10:15am PT (12:00pm ET - 01:15pm ET)

Are you struggling to use social media to connect with supporters and donors? In this talk, Naira Bonilla, a communication expert for nonprofits, will solve all your doubts about using social media effectively to reach wider audiences and increase funding. Naira has helped global organizations like The Nature Conservancy and Climate Focus communicate with diverse communities across Latin America, in English and Spanish, and motivate people to act and donate. Join us to gain clarity on how to harness the power of social media.    

Don’t miss this talk if you want to learn:

- How to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and WhatsApp to connect -directly with your supporters

- What platform works for you

- Trends and examples of social media use in nonprofits

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Session 3:
Christal M. Cherry
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Fundraising is not the F word: Closing Major Gifts In A Pandemic
11:30am-12:45pm PT (2:30pm ET-3:45pm ET)
The “F” word.” If there was ever a time to think it or say it, 2020 would be the year. Although fundraising has been a little crazy these past few months, we have been forced to be our most creative, innovative, and savvy selves while staying home. We have realized that -yes - we are magicians too.

Join us and find the right "F" word to assign to our work as nonprofit fundraisers - fun, fantastic, fabulous, fearless! 

Participants will:
✓ Learn the resiliency of nonprofits in times of crisis ✓ Understand major gifts fundraising by the numbers now
✓ Get a glimpse of the new major gift donor
✓ Know if their organizations are really major gifts-ready
✓ Create a bold plan to close major gifts in a pandemic
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Session 4:
Vanessa Brasfield

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Getting started with fundraising on Twitch

1:30-2:45pm PT (4:30pm ET -5:45pm ET)

Did you know that gaming has a greater audience than every sport, combined? The actual gaming industry is largely untapped by charities. This year alone the Twitch audience of viewers has doubled to 20 million viewers per day. If you're looking for new donors, this is the session for you! Creator fundraising is a force to be reckoned with.

From 2011 to 2019 the Twitch community has raised over $210 million for charities worldwide and it is worth noting that $55 million of that was raised in 2019.During this session Vanessa Brasfield, Charity Success Manager at Tiltify will explore myths, misconceptions, of working with influencers & gamers. You will learn: 

--What are these spaces: Youtube, Twitch Instagram, and how people are using them

--Learn the differences between influencers and gamers. And how to tap into both.

--Community building doesn't have to be scary-

--How to get people like ME to raise money for YOU

--Engagement- why this is critical and ways you're already doing it

--Breaking common myths & how to get started

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Session 5:
Elaine Lou Cartas
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Building a multiple 6-figure business during the pandemic: Going from In-Person to Virtual FAST
3:00pm-4:30pm PT (6:00pm-7:30pm ET)
Want to understand how you can create an in-person experience virtually? Meet Elaine Lou Cartas, former fundraiser and grassroots organizer who is now a Business and Career Coach for Women of All Colors. Prior to the pandemic, she did monthly free in-person events with a 23% show up rate. Now she does virtual in-person events with a 47% show-up rate and a more global reach from all over the world. Even women from Philippines and Australia attend at midnight their time!

During this masterclass you will learn how Elaine has been able to leverage her virtual events to convert into clients through:

1. High Organic Touch- The personal messages and videos sent
2. What follow-up scripts she used to book calls
3. How she used email marketing and social media

If you are a consultant, you will not want to miss this. She was able to 2x her income this past year, while helping her clients hit 6-figures.
Day 3
Uplevel your Career + Become Layoff Proof!
Friday, November 13
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Session 1: 
Marian Bacol-Uba

Morning Keynote - Conscious Public Speaker: Create Impact, Influence & Income with Your Message That Matters
08:00-9:00am PT (11:00am-12:00pm ET)

Join us for an engaging talk on public speaking. Public speaking is one of the top skills to cultivate and can be beneficial to you regardless of your age and where you are in your career.

Those skills can be applied to advancing your professional career, growing your business, giving a pitch to potential investors, positioning you as an expert and so much more. Being a great communicator who is empathetic and gives value to whoever they are speaking to is also an example of a conscious leader.

* Why it is the best time in history to become a public speaker or incorporate speaking into your business or career
* How to identify your ideal audience and where to find them
* An easy framework that can be applied to structure your talks both in stage (in-person events) and online through the content you create is useful
* How to position yourself as an expert speaker in your niche or industry
* What tools you need to get paid engagements and increase your speaker fees

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Session 2:
Nneka Allen & Co
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Black Women's Experiences in Fundraising
9:00-10:15am PT (12:00pm ET - 01:15pm ET)

The Work of Undoing is about finding people who can identify with your joy and pain, getting together because of this commonality, and unpacking and challenging it together. Sharing our realities as Black Canadian Fundraisers is a part of that work.

Our stories unveil our individual experiences; the details of the injustice and inequity we face daily; they also reveal the depth of our individual and collective courage. We believe by sharing our stories, there is healing for us as Black women and others.

First Row, (L-R), Nneka Allen, Muthoni Kariuki, Kasharna Pusey
Second Row (L-R) Fatou Jammeh, Camila Pereira, Marva Wisdom

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Session 3:
Melissa Watkins
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How to bounce back (and do 2 people's jobs at once!)
11:30am-12:45pm PT (2:30pm ET-3:45pm ET)

Worried about getting laid off? We can’t predict if you'll get laid off but we can share tips and tools to help you weather the storm. 

Regardless of the sector, Development professionals are no strangers to uncertain times.  Public health crisis, economic downturns, PR nightmares are just a few scenarios that call upon our strength, resilience, and courage.

In this session, we'll share and examine a multitude of career strategies, from education to networking, that will allow development professionals to become indestructible against the only thing that is certain in the world - change.

You will learn:
1) How to approach continuing educational opportunities with an innovative lens

2) Ways to build your network while helping others

3) What tools & resources can help you further your career and manage more responsibilities

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Session 4:
Rachel Wyley
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How to Become an Executive Director
 1:30-2:45pm PT (4:30pm ET -5:45pm ET)

This session is an opportunity to engage with a Black woman Executive Director who is known for saying that she “never wanted to be an Executive Director.”

Join the conversation to find out how she got there, how it’s going, what she’s learned, and the legacy that she hopes to leave in the nonprofit sector.  

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Session 5:
Gloria Coleman
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Taming the Chaos with Succession Planning
3:00pmPT - 4:30pm PT (6:00pm-7:30pm ET)

A strong nonprofit leader is critical to the success of their organization, its ability to continue providing uninterrupted services to the community, and for long term sustainability. Yet many organizations lack a succession plan to get them through leadership transitions. We'll explore 3 ways to subdue the headaches of unplanned departures for business continuity, knowledge capital, and HR risk reduction. 
You will learn:

1. To grow or let go: Succession planning strategies for your nonprofit

2. The key strategic document every organization should craft: An airtight succession plan you can lean on

3. Cultivating future transitions using 3 succession planning strategies. 

4. Despair or prepare: Don't risk falling off course in your fundraising efforts 

5. Nonprofit succession plans aren't one-size-fits-all. Learn Key Strategies to face departures.

6. An eye for organizational sustainability: Executive transition planning to shape future success.

Dance PARTY! & Happy Hour
4:15pm PT-6:00pm PT (7:15pm ET - 9:00pm ET)

Your sign-up bonuses worth $200

We’re giving our favorite select bonuses to early birds ahead of the main event. Because they’re doing us a major favor! The more people sign up early on, the easier it gets for us to bring on even better speakers and make the New Power Fundraising Conference unforgettable.

Here’s what’s you’ll get when you sign up today:

Three of the most popular talks from the last two conferences on Leadership as Liberation, Coldcalling major donors, and Decolonizing Our Nonprofits
A printable mind map to help you dream big for your future!
Editable comprehensive spreadsheet to track your progress in your career (aside from money raised!) to help you get that next raise or polish your resume!
Love from leaders

The Summit was exceptional. Thank you so much for organizing such a wealth of top notch talent. Everything was seamless and autographed with excellence and professionalism."

- Judith Perrin, CFRE, MBA 

“This summit has been huge for me. It is not overstating to say that the knowledge I gained here will not only influence my organization for months and years to come, but everything I do as a nonprofit professional.”

- Hilary Dalton 

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Nonprofit leadership Summit. It has been really eye opening for me and a true motivational kick in the bum for us to really start doing this more professionally and more efficiently! :) We will be looking forward to next years summit!" 

- Sarah Williams, General manager / The Ara Project

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What is brave space? We WILL be going to ask people to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in looking at systemic and individual bias. We will be asking people to consider learning more about these topics to create structural change. This will involve brave space, being open to making mistakes, admitting your intentions were not the same as the results of your actions and we hope you will step into that with us. 


Platform: We will be using the Zoom meeting platform, so you can see other attendees and network with folks in small groups in the spaces between presentations, like at a real conference! If you would like to be more anonymous you can change your name in zoom and not engage your video.

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Cost: If cost is a barrier, we have a limited number of scholarships available for women of color, so if you want one, email us at and tell us about your situation. 

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