The New Power Fundraising Conference

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Are you looking for ways to get in front of a highly-motivated audience of nonprofit digital fundraisers and executives?

 If so, the New Power Fundraising Conference is a great event for you.

From 2014 to 2018 we have seen over 1200 attendees of our online conferences. And in November we expect to reach over 500 attendees with this year’s Virtual New Power Fundraising Conference.

Mazarine Treyz
Founder of Wild Woman Fundraising

During the New Power Fundraising Conference, you’ll have a chance to:


Connect with innovative fundraisers and organizations.

Our event attracts a wide range of nonprofit organizations – in both size and focus – with a cross-section of fundraising personnel from the C-suite to the frontline. This allows you to have meaningful conversations with both decision-makers and influencers in the nonprofit space.


Showcase your services, products, and expertise.

Whether its exhibiting, providing thought leadership, or highlighting your products and services, you have ample opportunity to communicate with attendees about what you do and what sets you apart from the crowd.


Learn how to keep a competitive edge.

Are you keen to understand where the market is headed and which new features or services you need to add to stay indispensable to your target market? New Power Fundraising Conference is a great place to connect with other vendors and hear from innovative speakers about the latest, cutting-edge marketing and fundraising strategies.

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Let's talk about what your business goals are, and how the New Power Fundraising Conference can help you achieve them!

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